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Registration on all 3 teams is invite-only. Every Spring we hold a parent interest meeting for anyone interested in our team program.


Our Mini & Training Teams are for gymnasts 5-10 years old who exhibit the necessary skills, work ethic and desire to be a competitive gymnast. This structured program allows the athletes to work toward team skills and prepares them to join JK's USAIGC Travel Team or Intramural In-House Team in the future. 


Members of the Mini & Training Team attend once a week practices year-round. They also have two skill showcases during the year.


   Our in-house, Intramural Team is for recreational gymnasts who are looking for a taste of competitive gymnastics without a full, year-round commitment. Intramural gymnasts compete in a series of meets throughout the year, held at JK Gymnastics. They compete against themselves and observe their progress from meet to meet. Intramural athletes are ages 8-18.


     Intramural practices once a week from September until June. Gymnasts are encouraged to register for tumbling classes in addition to Intramural.​ The Intramural Team does not have structured practices during the Summer months.


Our USAIGC Team is our competitive travel team. Athletes on this team train year-round for 2-4 days per week. USAIGC participates in competitions both nationally and internationally. Placement on this team is by coach-recommendation only. USAIGC starts at age 7. For more information on USAIGC, visit

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