Week 6 - Changing shapes

In week 6, JK students are practicing maintaining and changing their body shape as they move through space and over obstacles. Body shape is what enables us to create motion. Whether it's locomotion or rotation, shape changes are the way we navigate our environments safely. Learning to maintain key shapes such as arch and hollow helps athletes to achieve greater control over their bodies during dynamic activities. These two positions aid in balance as they recruit abdominal and lower spinal muscles: crucial for stability and posture.

Visual cues have been placed throughout the gym to help reinforce concepts and instructional cues e.g. "Rainbow" station, on the black padded-wall, helps encourage full extension of the legs and body during cartwheels. Students are practicing changing between a wide range of shapes such as extending to flat-back position while performing a forward roll. Remember, if you're not in a shape, you're out of shape.

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