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​Arrival & Pickup Procedures:

  • Upon arrival, all families should park in the lot and walk their athlete to the front door.  We ask that you arrive no sooner than 5 minutes before the start of class.

  • A JK staff member will be waiting at the door to take their temperature.

  • All individuals will need to wear a mask upon entering the lobby.  Athletes will remove their masks at the start of class.

  • A coach will be available in the lobby to help athletes store their belongings and get settled in their class.

  • For our younger athletes (3-4 years old), one parent/guardian may walk the athlete into the lobby.  We ask that any siblings not enrolled in a class do not come into the building.  Once your child is settled in their class, we ask you to wait in your car. 

  • Please remind your gymnast to use the bathroom at home before coming to class.

  • When picking up your child, please once again park in the lot and walk to the front door to collect your athlete.  JK staff members will be on hand to help all athletes connect with their families

Gym Safety Procedures:

  • Gymnasts should bring their own water bottle with their name on it and easily removable shoes, which will be worn whenever they are in the lobby/restroom.

  • We ask gymnasts to wear minimal extra clothing to help reduce the need for cubby space.

  • The gym, lobby, and restrooms will be cleaned regularly throughout the day & evening.

  • Class sizes have been lowered to allow for proper physical distancing.

  • Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the gym and lobby.  All athletes & coaches will be encouraged to sanitize their hands regularly when moving between events.  

  • All coaches & staff will wear masks when in the building.

Cleaning Procedures:

  • ​Outdoors: All walkways, walls, ceilings, and outdoor entrances into the facility have been power washed

  • Flooring: We have replaced all flooring in our lobby, office, and bathrooms with high grade, non slip, laminate flooring.

  • All carpet transitions inside and outside of the gym have been steam cleaned.

Bathroom Renovations:

  • Bathroom walls have received a new layer of paint.

  • New sinks with timed faucets have been installed along with auto hand dryers.

  • New touch-free auto sensor light switches.

  • New touch- free auto soap dispensers. 

  • New commercial toilet paper covered dispensers.

  • New mirrors and vanity lights above sinks installed.

Extra Renovations:

  • Extra hand sanitizing stations have been added in the gym and lobby.

  • An extra hand washing station, designed for gymnasts' rips and tears, has been installed off the side of the lobby. This hand washing station includes a less contact paper towel dispenser.​

  • The team room has received a fresh layer of paint.

HVAC Systems Continued Usage: 

While we have always incorporated HVAC systems in our gym and lobby, we felt the need to share with families the upgrades these systems provide to our facility including:

  • Hospital grade MERV-13 filters, as well as the installation of bipolar ionization/UV units.

  • These help filter small air particles, as well as deactivate harmful substances such as airborne bacteria, allergens, and viruses.

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